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About Us

Our HistoryFrom our humble beginnings to what it is today, Valley Senior Living is proud of our heritage. Through our affiliation with area Lutheran congregations, our […]

Staff Update

2.28.24 Weekly Staff Update In case you missed the company Zoom earlier today, here is the link: 2.28.24 Zoom  Congratulations to Joe Bailey and Chris Plante […]

CNA Training

CNA Training Get paid $21.65/hour to train for your new full time career! An additional $3K sign-on bonus for eligible full-time employees. Get Started TodayPotential Employees […]

Wheatland Terrace

Assisted Living at Wheatland Terrace It’s called assisted living, so we do just that. Assist. Our assisted living apartments are a perfect choice for those that […]

Tufte Manor

Comfort, Relaxation, and Quality Care At Tufte Manor, our residents are comfy, relaxed, and cared for. Basic Care at Tufte Manor is the ideal alternative for […]


Donate Now Please use the Donate button to complete your online gift. For all other gifts use the Memorial and Honor Gift Form and mail to: […]
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