5.25.23 Update

Congratulations to the 25 employees who earned a combined total of $2,950 in Quarter One through the Medica Invest program! This week we saw the first round of payments hit our HSAs for the work done in January, February, and March. This is delayed gratification at its finest! We are almost to the final month of Quarter Two and would like to remind everyone of this opportunity to earn up to $900 a year for your HSA.

For those of you who earned money in Quarter One, great job! Keep up the good work so you can earn your rewards each month! If you did not earn any money in Quarter One, you still have the opportunity to earn up to $525 from June – December ($75 each month)!

Here is a short video showing you the app and how it tracks your rewards: Virgin Pulse App Overview

Below, in the 1.6.23 Update, you can find more resources and information. There is also a recording below “Invest Zoom Presentation” that gives more of an overview of the program and the requirements.

If you need help setting up your account, connecting a device, navigating the app, or have any other questions about the program please reach out to Megan Anderson at  manderson@valleyseniorliving.org or 701-787-7970.

1.6.23 Update

The Medica Rewards Invest program is live! If you missed today’s zoom. You are able to watch the recording here: Invest Zoom Presentation

Here is the powerpoint that was shared in the zoom for you to reference. Medica-Health-Rewards-Invest pdf

To Register, download the Virgin Pulse app or go to www.Medica.com/invest  Sponsor: Medica My Health Rewards Invest. Make sure you choose the one that says invest!

You are receiving this communication to inform you about a new health related rewards program from Medica called Invest. Invest is available to those employees who are going to be enrolled in a High-Deductible-Health-Plan (HDHP) for 2023, and will have an active HSA account.

What is Invest? Invest is a Wellness related rewards program that gives you the ability to earn up to $900 per year to go towards your HSA account on the basis that you participate and complete monthly milestones.

Valley has automatically enrolled everyone who has a HDHP and a HSA account in to this program – fees associated with an employee’s participation in this program are being covered by Valley. This program supports most major fitness trackers (Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and others). If you do not have a fitness tracker, this program provides you with a free Max Buzz. See HR to get your tracker.

For those of you who currently participate in the Medica Rewards program, you must redeem your existing Health points for rewards before your current My Rewards account closes on December 31st, 2022.

For those of you receiving this communication who have a HDHP, but do not have a HSA account, please know that if you are interested in participating in this program it is possible for you to open a HSA account at any time during 2023 – please contact Kathy Feist if you wish to open/activate a HSA account.

Please note, this program does not go in to effect until January 1st, 2023.

Valley will be conducting a zoom call for those interested in learning more about the program on Tuesday January 3rd at 11:30am. This zoom will be recorded and sent out if you are not able to attend at that time. Here is the link to the zoom meeting: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89929476010?pwd=TUlISG04VVR5M2JMaG1YSjhCWnZRQT09

For further information surrounding the program please read through the attached documents.