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TM - Susan & Resident 2014Valley Senior Living Foundation is a non profit organization, was created in 1985 to enhance a broad continuum of care for those we serve in our community. We are dedicated to raising private support that advances Valley Senior Livings' mission. Valley Senior Living Foundation builds relationships in an effort to encourage and secure voluntary donations through gifts of cash, grants, estates, planned and deferred gifts. We provide options for you to consider including gifts of cash, bequests, or creating an endowment fund.


You can make a difference! Whether you're an individual, business, organization or family, your gifts of time, talent and treasure make a difference in the extras we provide for our residents and tenants at Valley Senior Living.

Your philanthropic gifts are directed toward the development, advancement and preservation of a variety of projects and programs that touch the lives of those we serve.

Gifts can be made directly to Valley Senior Living Foundation, providing immediate support to benefit our residents, facilities, projects, programs and staff.

Gifts of cash are the simplest way to give, and your gift is immediately available to use in supporting Valley Senior Livings' work and mission. Gifts may be given in honor or in memory of loved ones, friends or caregivers.

Gifts of stock and other securities provide you with a meaningful way to make a gift to Valley Senior Living. Gifts of stock can take advantage of charitable tax deductions and capital gains tax benefits.

Gifts to an endowment fund are an important source of stability and strength to help meet the needs of those we serve. Endowment funds are prudently invested under the advisement of our Board of Directors. As this endowment fund grows the principal stays intact with the interest being used to fund the donor's designated program or project.

All charitable gifts are meaningful; however, certain gifts can have added significance for you and for Valley Senior Living. These gifts are often called planned gifts. They also are known as deferred or estate gifts. People of any income or estate size can express important values by including Valley Senior Living or other organizations in their estate plans. Several planned gift options are mentioned below.

Bequests can be outlined in a Will or added to an existing Will as a codicil. It can be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of an estate, a specific piece of property or the residue of an estate.

An example of how your bequest can be expressed in your Will:

I give to Valley Senior Living, 2900 14th Avenue South, Grand Forks, ND 58201 _________ percent of my estate, or the sum of _____________ dollars, or a specific piece of property (include description of securities or property).

Beneficiary Designations are one of the easiest ways to make a significant future gift. Simply name Valley Senior Living as a recipient of all or a portion of an insurance policy, CD or retirement account. Your insurance agent or retirement account administrator can assist you with the proper designation forms.

Charitable Gift Annuities are a flexible and useful planned giving option. Charitable gift annuities are irrevocable gifts, where in exchange for a gift of appreciated assets or cash, income is paid to you for your lifetime. The annuity payments are based on the gift amount and your age. A portion of each payment may be tax-free.

We are honored to welcome new members to the Legacy Society, our recognition society for donors who make any type of planned or estate gift. Through the Legacy Society, Valley Senior Living Foundation recognizes donors who understand that we begin meeting tomorrow's needs through estate gifts today.

Tree of Life 2012DONOR THANKS
To recognize Valley Senior Livings' donors, we list everyone who has made a gift, whether deferred or immediate, in our Valley Times newsletter. With any gift, we will honor a donor's request to remain anonymous so that his or her name is not listed in any publication. In addition cumulative gifts of $500 or greater will be recognized on our 'Tree of Life' donor recognition wall.  

The Valley Senior Living Foundation is blessed to be actively involved with two auxilliary organizations, both of which support programs and projects at Valley Senior Living. These organizations are the Bethesda Society and the Valley Senior Living Club.

Please feel free to contact the Foundation office with any questions or ideas you have about supporting Valley Senior Living through the Valley Senior Living Foundation.

Shaun Havis
Director of Development
Valley Senior Living Foundation
2900 14th Avenue South
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Office: 701-787-7997   Fax: 701-787-7901
Email: shavis@valleyseniorliving.org 
This material is not intended to address all issues related to charitable giving. When considering charitable giving, you should talk with your tax, legal, or financial advisor. The Valley Senior Living Foundation does not render legal, tax, or other professional advisory services.