6.8.23 Valley on Columbia Health Survey and Life Safety Code Survey Results

This week we had the Health Department onsite for our annual inspection and a complaint survey was included in the survey process. The surveyors were very complimentary of our care, our systems to deliver the care, and the environment. They were truly amazed to hear that we hadn’t used agency staff for 20 years as this is such a common issue that drives poor quality outcomes within the state. The three deficiencies are as follows:

  • F690 – Bowel/Bladder Incontinence, Catheter, UTI – One resident did not have a trial removal of their catheter in a timely manner.
  • F761 – Label/Store Drugs and Biologicals – One medication label was not changed after the physician order changed in the medication administration record.
  • F880 – Infection Prevention and Control – Three supplement containers in the building had a scoop inside the container.
  • The complaint that was investigated was not substantiated.

On Wednesday we had the Life Safety Code survey. Congratulations to Mike Lien and the Environmental Service team on a survey with no deficiencies! Notes to file were that we had one door without a “no exit” sign, a sprinkler head obstructed by a shower curtain, two sprinkler heads missing a cover plate, and there was a “dirty” smoke detector that was alarming on the Simplex panel. All issues were corrected immediately.

I am so proud of our entire team here at Valley on Columbia! Congratulations on the great care and service we give each day to the residents! -Garth