Valley on 42nd – This weekend is your last chance to use the massage chair! The chair is located in the Game Room and will be moving to Valley on Columbia on Monday morning! Don’t forget this is one of the 30 Day Challenge items!

Valley on Columbia – The massage chair will arrive in the Staff Lounge on Monday morning, April 11 and will remain there until April 22. Kick back, take a break and enjoy a massage! 

Did you hear there is a chance to win gift cards and a massage at Truyu if you complete the 30 Day Challenge? Print the  >> 30 Day Challenge  or pick up a printed copy in break rooms. Have Fun! 


Wellness Month Reminders!

We are 5 days into wellness month. How is the 30 day challenge going? Complete 30 challenges and you will be entered to win 1 of 30 gift cards! Good Luck!

  • Valley on 42nd – The massage chair is currently in the Game Room! Take a break in the massage chair!
  • Valley on Columbia and Tufte Manor >> Free Healthy Meal for all staff is tomorrow, April 6!
    • Valley on Columbia – 9:45 am  – 12:30 pm – serving from the staff lounge serving window
    • Tufte Manor – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm – serving from the family dining room


Wellness month is underway! Hop on the wellness train! 

Watch the update >> Wellness Schedule

  • Download the 30 Day Challenge and complete the challenges to WIN gift cards! >> 30 Day Challenge
  • Valley on 42nd >> Don’t forget to take a break in the massage chair, located in the game room! 
  • Valley on Columbia and Tufte Manor >> Free Healthy Meals for all staff (Vegetable Corn Tacos) will be served on April 6