Valley on Columbia will be partaking in the Infection Prevention version of “March Madness”, heavy on the “Madness”. While there is only a little basketball, there will be a ton of auditing trying to tighten up PPE practices as a state survey prep.

Charge Nurses, EVS, Maintenance, Social Work, Activities and Nursing Leadership will be assigned a number of audits to complete per week. Our goal is to see coaching and compliance with PPE rather than discipline, however, if incorrect PPE use is observed we do expect CARE forms or Oral Reminders to be utilized.

  • Each neighborhood will be battling using PPE audits for the 4 weeks in March to see who can “score” the most points
  • In the first three weeks we will be having fun with PPE reminder treats found in the team room/conference room and staff lounge
  • Completion of audits and the findings on those audits will count towards your culture neighborhood points:
    • Completed Audit = +1 (Free Throw)
    • Completed Audit without Education Needed = +2 (Basket)
    • Completed Audit with Education Needed = +3 (3-Pointer!!!)
  • In the fourth week will celebrate the winning team in center court!

Let’s give this our best “shot”!