COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

11.12.21 Update

Unvaccinated staff will test on Monday, November 15 at Valley on 42nd in the auditorium from 12 to 3:30pm.

  • Thrifty White Pharmacy will be on site to host a vaccine clinic, offering the Moderna vaccine. If you begin your series on Monday, the second dose will be given on December 13.
  • If you are interested in Pfizer or the one dose J&J, please schedule at or
  • Religious and medical exemptions requests are due to Human Resources by November 17, 2021.

Please review the following documents that were distributed at the last testing event:

  1. 202.22 – Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccination Policy and Exemption Form 11.11.21
  2.  Religious Exemption Process Information


11.10.21 Update

First, I need to say that we need you and our residents need you. We have put together a process that makes vaccination or applying for an exemption as easy as possible. The work you do at Valley is important to so many residents, their families and the entire community of Grand Forks.

Today’s company zoom focused on the federal mandate and the upcoming process at Valley Senior Living. Please listen for details from our legal counsel, Human Resources and our infection preventionist. Listen now >> 11.10 ZOOM

Unvaccinated staff will test tomorrow, November 11 at Valley on Columbia from 12 to 3:30 pm.
Here’s what to expect at testing tomorrow:

  • At this testing event you will be asked your intention in regard to becoming vaccinated before the federal mandate date of December 6.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask additional questions about vaccination or exemptions.
  • Assistance will be available if you would like to schedule an appointment to begin your vaccine series.
  • If you have started your series and HR is not available, you can submit proof at the testing event.

November 15, 2021! On-Site Vaccine Clinic offered by Thrifty White Pharmacy

  • At the testing event on Monday, November 15 at Valley on 42nd, Thrifty White Pharmacy will offer the Moderna vaccine.
  • The second dose of Moderna will be given on December 13.
  • If you are interested in Pfizer or J&J, please schedule at or

 The mandate aims to avoid COVID infection which can cause death in highly vulnerable people. As an employee and care partner at Valley, we are providing direct care or working within the home of the most vulnerable people the mandate is protecting. We also need you as part of our workforce, and the residents need you to care for them. Residents at all care communities ask you join them by becoming vaccinated. Vaccination is a way to protect both yourself and the residents you care for.

When the vaccine was initially released, staff and residents in long term care were amongst those determined to be the priority group to receive the vaccine. Almost 12 months later, the importance of vaccination for residents and all staff of nursing homes remains priority for the safety of the residents! We are grateful for all you have done throughout the pandemic and ask you to join the 83% of Valley staff that have already been vaccinated and the nearly 100% of residents we care for who are vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccine is a way to protect both yourself and the residents you care for.

Key Facts About Federal Vaccine Mandate

  • The federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate requires all employee working within healthcare facilities that receive funding from CMS to be fully vaccinated by January 4, 2022. The first dose of a two dose series or the one dose Johnson & Johnson must be received by December 6, 2021.
  • If employee chooses to not begin vaccine series or is not granted an approved exemption by December 6, 2021, they will not be able to provide care or work within Valley Senior Living care communities.
  • If employee is interested in more details about a vaccine exemption, please contact Human Resources at 701-787-7942.
  • The mandate aims to avoid COVID infections, which can cause death in highly vulnerable people.
  • Vaccine mandates are also present in the private sector. OSHA requires any employer with 100 or more employees to vaccinate or test weekly.
  • CMS Omnibus Staff Vax Requirements – Interim Final Rule

How can you begin your series now?

  • In conjunction with our pharmacy partner, Thrifty White Pharmacy, we will host a vaccine clinic with the Moderna vaccine at Valley on 42nd on Monday, November 15. This will take place during the testing event. (Second dose will be given on December 13)
  • If you have a preference with Pfizer, Moderna or the one dose Johnson & Johnson, visit to find the specific kind you are looking for and the location it is available.
  • Visit and search by zip code for locations in Grand Forks where you can receive your vaccine.

What to do if you have started your series:

  • Contact Human Resources now at 701-787-7942 to update your medical record file.
  • Bring proof of vaccination to the testing event on Thursday, November 11.


  • If you have questions about the vaccine, the mandate or exemptions, please contact the infection preventionist at 701-787-7952.