COVID-19 Updates


Indoor and outdoor visitation has been suspended in the Oakcrest neighborhood at Woodside Village due to positive COVID-19 test results. To schedule a virtual visit with a resident from the Oakcrest neighborhood please call 701.787.7814 or email 

Indoor and outdoor visitation has been suspended in the Almonte neighborhood at Valley Senior Living on Columbia due to positive COVID-19 test results. To schedule a virtual visit or window visit with a resident from the Almonte neighborhood at Valley Senior Living on Columbia please call 701.787.7931 or email 

All Valley Senior Living Communities Now Require One Designated Visitor Per Resident
With the latest developments in our county including the increased number of positive cases and Governor Burgum’s decision to increase the risk level for our county, the COVID-19 command team has decided to limit visitation to one designated visitor for each resident, regardless of whether it is an indoor or outdoor visit.  This designated visitor will be the only person within the family who has the ability to visit for the next week until we reevaluate our situation next Friday.  We will go week to week with decision-making on visitation status.  This will limit the amount of exposure and reduce the number of individuals inside our care communities. Our goal is to preserve the ability for spouses and children to visit.  The designated visitors will be screened before visitation begins. Face masks are REQUIRED at all times when on our premises and face shields are recommended. We are strongly discouraging school age children and college age individuals from visiting or being the designated visitor. We are also discouraging household contacts of school age or college age from visiting to help reduce the potential spread. Please do not visit if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or if you are experiencing symptoms. For family members who are unable to visit at this point, we can arrange a window visit or a virtual visit for you.

Visiting Hours: (Wheatland Terrace, Woodside Village – No visitation in Oakcrest,  and Valley Senior Living on Columbia – No visitation in Almonte)
8 am to 8 pm – Monday through Sunday

Visiting Hours: (Tufte Manor)
8 am to 6 pm – Monday through Friday & 8 am to 5 pm – Saturday and Sunday

Each resident will be able to have one visitor at a time in their room or one person outside in courtyards or on patios. The indoor or outdoor visit does not need to be scheduled or supervised. Common area visitation inside will not be permitted to minimize the risk that visitor poses to other residents. Pets are now welcome to accompany visitors. 

All visitors will need to screen in at the front desk, sign a statement understanding proper personal protective equipment use for the safety of our residents, and will be given a face mask and a face shield. Masks are required at ALL TIMES to visit both indoors and outdoors. You are required to wear the face shield when you are not able to social distance at least 6 feet or in the event you would like to hug a resident. Short interactions of hugging and touching are permitted with proper hand hygiene and while wearing a mask and face shield. Return to 6 foot distancing once done. If PPE usage guidelines are not followed, you will be asked to leave the premises.

Will Valley Senior Living continue to mass test employees and residents for COVID-19?
As the number of active cases of COVID-19 have increased in Grand Forks County all Valley Senior Living communities have transitioned to a weekly testing schedule for all employees and residents. We will review this testing schedule after two cycles of tests have been completed.

Here are the latest COVID-19 numbers as reported on the North Dakota Department of Health website for current active positive residents and current active positive staff at Valley Senior Living locations.

Valley Senior Living on Columbia – 196 Beds           Positive Residents: 1           Positive Staff: 3

Woodside Village – 138 Beds                                       Positive Residents: 0           Positive Staff: 2

Tufte Manor – 70 Beds                                                  Positive Residents: 0           Positive Staff: 1

Wheatland Terrace – 59 Beds                                      Positive Residents: 0            Positive Staff: 0

What is Valley Senior Living doing to prevent infections?
All employees are being actively screened before their shift begins according to recommendations from Centers for Disease Control, the North Dakota Department of Health, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, and the American Health Care Association. Screening includes temperature, COVID-19 related symptoms, COVID-19 contact or exposure screening and travel questions. All employees are masking and wearing face shields. We make every effort to observe permanent assignment of staff to a specific area within our care communities whenever possible.

Residents are required to mask when receiving direct care and socially distance when outside their rooms.

Does Valley Senior Living have the personal protective equipment (PPE) – like masks, face shields, gowns and gloves to keep staff and residents safe?
We are fortunate to currently have an adequate supply of all personal protective equipment. Residents are utilizing surgical masks for direct care encounters and when outside their rooms.

What is Valley Senior Living doing to keep residents connected with their family or other loved ones during this time?
If family and friends are not comfortable visiting indoors, Valley Senior Living is assisting with the facilitation of video visits for our residents and families that are interested in this form of video communication. We assist with verbal and written communication with family and loved ones. Scheduled window visits are available for residents that live in ground level rooms. If you are interested in scheduling a video visit, window visit or outside visit, please contact the recreation department or social work team at the location where the resident resides at least 24 hours in advance.

What is the plan for Valley Senior Living to communicate important information to both residents and families on a regular basis?
Valley Senior Living is frequently communicating with families and loved ones of residents through email communication, or printed and mailed communication when email is not available. Our website and our dedicated hotline at 701.787.7551 are updated frequently. We are communicating new recommendations and guidelines with residents through social work/resident individual conversations as changes occur.

Is the nursing home currently at full staffing levels for nurses, aides, and other workers?
Our communities are fully staffed. We continue to recruit and train additional staff in the event we would experience COVID-19 related illness in care staff.

How will Valley Senior Living respond to a positive COVID-19 test in a resident?
For Valley Senior Living on Columbia, Woodside Village, Wheatland Terrace, and Tufte Manor, if a resident has been identified with COVID-19, we will transfer that resident to the COVID-19 Care Area located in the front hall of Valley Transitions at Valley Senior Living on Columbia. We will not have residents with active COVID-19 infections living among other residents. We have taken the precaution of separating the air system in this designated area and have activated a separate nursing team to care for residents with COVID-19.

Tenants living independently within Country Estates or Cherrywood Village will follow recommendations from their healthcare provider to receive additional care or to shelter in place and quarantine.

How is Valley Senior Living managing move-ins and returns from hospital stays?
New residents who move in are being isolated for 14 days.  If a resident meets skilled nursing facility admission criteria, this will occur in a separate area within Valley Transitions at Valley Senior Living on Columbia.  If a new resident moves in directly to another area of Valley Senior Living, they are isolated to their room for 14 days and care staff is taking additional precautions beyond masks and eye-wear including the use of isolation gowns. Residents returning from the hospital are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis for proper placement within our care community.  Valley Senior Living will not allow admission for a resident who is positive with COVID-19 until the potential resident has two negative tests that were performed at least 24 hours apart from each other. Any potential resident will be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission to Valley Senior Living.

Additional Information on COVID-19 from CDC: