NEXT CLASS: October 24th- November 18th

Upcoming Classes:  November 28th- December 23rd

Earn $19.00/hour to Become a CNA

$10,000 Sign-On Bonus for Full Time & $5,000 for Part Time

The pay schedule is as follows:

  • Class time: $16.00/hr + $500 paid upon certification which equates to $21.00/hour
  • Upon Completion of class: $18.50/hr
  • Upon CNA certification: $21.00/hr 
  • $500 Bonus-paid out upon CNA certification for full time
  • Class time is Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Clinical days are 5:45am – 2:15pm

Our Locations

  • Valley Senior Living on Columbia
    • 2900 14th Ave S.
  • Valley Senior Living on 42nd (Woodside Village, Wheatland Terrace, Town Square)
    • 4000 24th Ave S
  • Valley Senior Living on Cherry (Tufte Manor)
    • 3300 Cherry Street

If you have any questions, please contact Karli at 701.787.7829.

Valley Senior Living is an Equal Opportunity Employer