Email Outage Update:

Please disregard if you do not have a Valley Senior Living email address.

An email server has failed and attempts to restore the server have also failed. Rest assured no information has been permanently lost. A backup option of migrating employees who have email addresses to a new service, Microsoft 365, has been initiated earlier than planned.

Networking Specialists are currently working on installing the new version of our email service. In the meantime, we encourage you to begin using the web application. View the instructions or go to P: drive under Shortcuts, 0Email Access, Accessing Email & Microsoft Authenticator.

Please note, select user names have changed. Please access the document titled user list to ensure your user name has not changed. Those who have user names that have changed will get corrected in the near future.

If you have questions please contact the following individuals for assistance:

Janet Moen at Valley on 42nd: 787-7500

Mallory Bakken at Tufte Manor: 787-7600

Jill Swingen at Valley on Columbia: 787-7906

Email from after Friday, July 7 through July 12 at 8:30 am may not appear when you log in. These messages are expected to filter into your mailbox within the next week.

Voicemail to email message services are also not functioning properly. If your voicemail is set to send to your email please consider adjusting your phone messaging options to have callers leave voicemail on your phone instead of transferring to an email message.